Boasting the best and only Nigerian poker venue, the Lagos Poker Club is in a class on its own. This members’ only poker lounge is the destination of choice for all poker fans. The Lagos Poker Club is the first of its kind in Nigeria and we hope to be the ambassador for the future of Nigerian poker. Players can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome at the Lagos Poker Club.


Within our Victoria Island poker room we have 5 elegant tables that offer No Limit Texas Hold’em & Pot Limit Omaha, with weekly tournaments and daily cash games for all levels from beginners to High Rollers.


We also feature a high stakes area where your privacy will be our utmost concern.


For your ultimate enjoyment this Lagos hotspot will feature food and beverage service. And as an added luxury players can get chair massages during the games.


Enjoy a stylish, vibrant bar and side lounge at the Lagos Poker Club. The bar overlooks the gaming floor and is open for drinks.  With various TV screens placed across the gaming floor and side lounge, all major sporting events will be shown at the Club.


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“Eat, sleep, breath poker…”





How to Play Texas Hold'em


Two hole cards are dealt to each Player, followed by a round of betting. Three community cards are dealt face up (the flop) followed by another round of betting. Another card (the turn) is dealt, then the final community card (the river), each with a round of betting. The winning Player is the one with the best five card hand formed from any combination of their hole cards and community cards.


How to Play Omaha


Each Player receives four hole cards. The community cards are dealt as in Texas Hold’em, and the betting round follows the same process. The winning hand in Omaha is the best five card hand formed by two of the Player’s hole cards and three of the community cards. 


Each player participating in our Weekly Tournaments will score points. Points will be given based on the players finishing position.  The points remain the same irrespective of the number of entrants. There will be a full points scoring leaderboard that will be displayed at the Lagos Poker Club Screens and Website. 


Points gathered from our Weekly tournaments will lead to several annual mega tournaments with prizes that include International Poker Tour Packages (EPT/WPT, WSOP), cash, and various prizes. 


We can cater to all your needs, whether it’s a small party, corporate event, high roller, or private game.


We have packages available for our Main Poker room and VIP room.


For more details on organizing the best party please contact us on +2349082000777.


Poker Experience


Whether you’re new to the whole gaming experience or an experienced player, we’ve got the perfect Poker Package for you. From learning to play with friends to a Birthday party or corporate event, there’s a package to suit your needs.


For more enquiries please call +2349082000777 or email [email protected]




Information and Rules:


Call us or drop in and play anytime at our daily cash games!


Cash games take place daily at The Poker Room, with No Limit Texas Hold’em (NLH) & Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) 7 days a week. A range of stakes are available.


Game Type      Blinds          Minimum Buy-In                             

NLH                    $1-$2                    $50

NLH                    $2-$5                    $100      

NLH                    $5-$5                    $200

NLH*                   $5-$10                  $500

PLO*                   $5-$5                    $200


*Different game stakes are available and can be agreed on by players prior to start.


*NLH - No Limit Holdem

*PLO - Pot Limit Omaha 

*10 players maximum per table.


All cash game players receive complimentary food & drinks while they are playing on the Cash Tables. This is a courtesy to our players and hope they will enjoy our hospitality while playing in our Club.


We want all players to enjoy our complimentary food & drinks but it must not be abused, and excessive alcohol consumption is frowned upon, and when called for we will limit or cease to serve at our discretion.


Quick reminder of some house rules:


-Players may not pass chips in play to each other

-Players ARE allowed to show cards during play when HEADS-UP ONLY.

-Players must be seen by the dealer at the start of a deal to receive cards.

-No player may play another player’s chips.

-No rabbit hunting (exposing the turn and river when the hand is over).

-During a hand, the only language that may be spoken is ENGLISH.

-One player per hand.

-Players in the blinds, if folded to them, are allowed to chop and take back their blind to start the next hand right away.

- Players are to maintain a one hour minimum play time (or as agreed by all players), unless they incur a loss as a courtesy to other players

-As a house rule, we ask our players the courtesy to call their last round at the table when they are winning and want to leave.

-A player may not fold out of turn.

-The line on the tables is the betting line and is in motion for bets to be binding.

-When more than two players are in the hand, no one should give crucial information about their or someone else’s hands as a question of respecting the integrity of the game.

-A player who checks out of turn cannot take any aggressive action when it is their turn to act (which includes opening betting or raising).